tune up time, few questions

pasquale pilato pasqualep99 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 17 15:07:45 EDT 2002

Hello group,
Its time to tune up my 1990 100q.  I'm getting
horrible fuel mileage, (hard to know for sure with
broken odo) and the car is getting slower.  The car
has about 120k (again an estimate) and I got it at
90k.  What I plan on doing is plugs, cap, rotor,
wires, and O2 sensor.  I am planing on cleaning the
ISV and looking for bad electrical connections.  First
question is should I do something else?  Second is I
am going to use Bosch plat. plugs, and is there really
a difference between the plat2 and plat 4, other than
$2 each?

My last questions are about the O2 sensor, I am
looking for Bosch #13019, I hope this is correct, but
is there any special tool I should get to remove this.
 I know there are O2 sensor sockets, but I do not know
how universal they really are, nor the size.  Any help
would be great, thank

slow and thirsty 100q

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