97 A6Q timing belt question

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sat Aug 17 22:15:13 EDT 2002

You only need to remove the sprocket if you want to replace the seal behind
it or (at least on the I-5 engines) to take off the back cover of the
timing belt area so you can get to the waterpump without having to bend
that cover.  Don't know that that factor applies to a V6, though.

At 11:21 PM 08/17/2002 +0000, walian at att.net wrote:

>Hello all,
>     Doing alot of work on my A6 this weekend. I am
>replacing the timing belt and have a question with
>regards to the bently manual. I rented the timing belt
>tools and am wondering why I need to take off the cam
>sprocket. (13-17 bentley) Do I need to loosen the nuts?
>The picture shows the puller pushing on the nut is this
>correct. What am I missing here? I know there's gotta
>be a good explanation. I just can think of one. Am I
>suppose to completely remove the sprockets?

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