Pressure washers, NAC (well, VLAC)

Ben Swann bswann at
Sat Aug 17 23:55:15 EDT 2002

[I went to Sears and bought a 'returned' one. 2500psi is the minumum, get
highest flow rate and horsepower in the 2500-2700 psi range. There are tons
options in that range. Home Depot, Lowe's and Sears are your best places to
Never pressure wash an Audi engine compartment - you will rue the day...
(mandatory Audi content).
They are mandatory here in FL with the mildew problem...

Robert Myers wrote:]

I've had good results with my Sears "scratch and dent" 2500PSI as well.

Don't know why there is an adversion to power washing engine compartment.
 Just use a little caution and dont blow off the paint, remove the wax
coatings on the firewall, and tear holes into things.  Set the nozzle on
fan and try not to spray directly onto electronics with a bent on

I have done this routinely, never had a problem.  A couple of times it
helped identify marginal wires, which needed replacement anyway.  Better
finding these in the driveway than while driving on a damp rainy day.

When finished power washing, blow dry with compressed air.  Get electrical
connections dry.  remove cap and rotor and get any water out that may have
entered - not usually a problem, but can be.

Start the engine and let it steam itself dry.  A good silicone spray
coating is a nice follow-up, as a coating and to keep out moisture and
protect electricals.

I also remove the cowling infront of the windwhield and remove al of the
accumulated funk.  A nice finish to the air intake is to install HVAC
filter material - cut to fit and install in fresh air intake.

I have never had a problem with this, and find it make life easier when
working on a nice clean engine, among other things and it looks good.


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