4kq door seals

Aaron Sherrick aaron at eurekalubricants.com
Sun Aug 18 15:25:00 EDT 2002

You should be able to order new seals from your friendly Audi dealer.  I've
been having problems with the window seals leaking, and I ordered new ones
for $16.40 each.  Maybe some day I'll get around to installing them....


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> Last winter I had the wet carpet problem and I could not for the life of
> find where it was entering the car. I just knew it was coming from the
> somewhere.
> Checked the sunroof, door and windshield seals, etc etc and nothing.
> Now that the rain is gone and after driving down some rather dusty roads I
> have located the entry point (s).
> All I had to do is follow the dust trail from the dash right to the door
> seals at the front at about the upper door hinges on the drivers and
> passenger side.
> They appear in great shape with no tears, cracks or anything but obviously
> letting the elements in.
> Question! Is whether there is a way to treat these things?

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