Subject: 97A6Q check engine light

walian at walian at
Mon Aug 19 02:30:08 EDT 2002


  Thanks for the info. I have actually been having
problems with my computer / license for vag-com. I got
Uwe to send me another license because of battery
problems with my laptop. Low and behold I got the
license running and the fault was the Engine sensor
which I removed to align crank to TDC. I cleared the
code and then started the car again and everything is
hunky dorey. VAG-com just saved me from bringing my car
to the dealer tomorrow, hence the software probably
just paid for itself.

> That's a "check engine" light, not pertaining to any other system in the
> car.  I use VAG-com to turn those out, although there may be other ways on a
> 97, I'm not sure.  It's probably because of the earlier mis-aligned cam, but
> it may be something else altogether.  You need to pull the codes and find
> out, then fix the problem as necessary, then erase the code.  You'd be
> amazed how many people on the VAG-com users group can't seem to grasp the
> procedure.  Like "Hey, I cleared  the code and it came right, wassup?", as
> if pulling and clearing the code fixes the problem.  HTH, John
> Subject: 97A6Q check engine light
> Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 20:06:17 +0000
> Finally got the timing belt aligned and the engine
> seems to be running fine. Though I now have a check
> engine light on. Since I also did the rear brakes on
> the car know I have some air in the line because the
> brakes went to the floor and then finally firmed up.
> Can this cause the check engine light to come on. What
> an wasted weekend.
> Thanks
> Frank
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