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Christina Tryon c_tryon at msn.com
Mon Aug 19 00:51:40 EDT 2002

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As an Iowa transplant for the last 4 years, I will try to ignore the "cultu=
re shock" remarks that have been previously posted as they are not all true=
-that turn signal that they're using-well...it's probably been on for the l=
ast 5 miles at least...please don't get me started on Iowa on the whole-I c=
ould ramble forever...........

In regards to part stores-they are not terribly helpful-at least in Cedar R=
apids.  Their German parts are typically listed with the wrong part numbers=
.  If you go in with the correct part number they are completely lost as th=
ey have no way to cross reference the Audi number with "their" part numbers=
.  Except Napa-they can use the actual Audi part number...but they still ma=
naged to get it wrong anyway...Okay, so my suggestion-don't use part stores=
 in Iowa.  The dealer's actually have the part number, but they are wayyyyy=
y overpriced so stay away from them unless absolutely necessary.  We have g=
otten the majority of our parts from www.jagworks.com .

For example:  Rotor for an '88 90Q
Best price in Cedar Rapids:  $60.00 each-it'll be here in a couple of days
Jagworks price:  ~$20.00 each and it'll still be here in a few days
plus-free UPS ground on orders over $75.00-because Audi's always need more =
parts than you actually order, right?

Also-at times it does seem that Iowa is a domestic car state.  But we have =
seen a huge number of Audis lately on the main interstates, especially I-38=
0 between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids.  Very nice to see-especially the Allr=
oads as we love to look at them-can't afford one yet:)

Bill/Christina Tryon
88 90Q  (245,000 miles and counting)
87.5 CGT (waiting for $$$$, knock sensor, tires, and miscellaneous to fall =
from the sky)
87 4000s (Still frightening neighbors into NOT cutting the shrubbery this y=
82 Coupe (RIP)

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