S6 (UK spec) questions, Audi 80 q for sale (sob)

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Mon Aug 19 02:30:02 EDT 2002

At 2:05 AM +0100 8/19/02, Paul Heneghan wrote:
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Aieee!  Check those mail client settings...

>The wastegate has a vacuum connection on the top.  Nothing is connected to
>it (it's open to atmospheric pressure).  Is this right?

Yes.  It is to permit testing via a mityvac or similar vacuum testing
device, and doubles as a vent.  Do -not- block it.

>   Do UK spec models not bother with a wastegate frequency valve?

No, they have wastegates too :-)

>There's a lot of talk about VAG-COM.  Should I get one?

VAG-COM is an excellent tool for the price...its not very useful on
the very first cars to feature non-volatile fault code storage etc
like the 3B, but on the later engines, there is much more diagnostic
info provided-someone like Darin could tell you more accurately what
to expect, but you'll at the very least be able to get codes.  Some
of the last 20vt's could provide a ton of information, with proper
units and everything.  It is especially useful on the newer Audis and
VWs- it can talk to almost everything in those cars.

>The oil temperature gauge has no illumination and no movement of the needle.
>Are these faults related?

I doubt it.  Check for any loose/broken/missing wires from the
various senders(I forget where the oil temp sensor is...sorry.)  The
blown bulb will require removing the cluster- I've never done it on
an S-car so I can't advise to the difficulty, but it is a ROYAL pita
on the post-89 type 44's.

>I've got (paper) Bentleys for my 80q and 100 2.2E.  How does the CD version
>of the A6/S6 manual compare?

Laptops are not oil/heat/water/weather/drop/etc resistant.  My vote
is for the paper manuals.

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