80tq: 2002 Drag Racing Results

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Mon Aug 19 02:52:03 EDT 2002

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Well, drag raced the ol' 80tq today at Buttonwillow at the annual Dubwar
event.  Last year I ran a 15.8 at about 88mph, a year later running the new
header and the T3/T4:

Temp:  indicated 100F on an S4tt temp gauge, but there was a *cool* breeze
that       made it feel like 90ish.  (Also, each run was pre-empted by about
5-10 minutes of idling, working your way through the line to the staging.)
Boost: 15psi
Fuel: 1/4 tank 91, 1/4 tank 100 octane
ET: 14.4
MPH: 95

Some other cars for reference:
-BMW M Coupe: 14.3
-Firebird: 14.2
-Supercharged VR6 GTI: 14.1
-S4tt running APR 100 octane chip: 13.5
-Jetta 1.8t chipped: 16.8
-WRX modded: high 14's, didn't catch an exact ET
-UnGodly-Supped up Gen3 RX7: 14.8 (car didn't actually move until 3th gear,
and they needed a shovel to remove all the rubber it left at the gate =)
-Plus a slew of modded older VW's running in the 15, 16's and up.

Considering the conditions and what the competition did, I'm pretty happy
with the results.  Last years fastest run was 13.5, not sure if this years
will be any quicker.  One particular run I hit 98mph but didn't have a good
launch, so my ET suffered.  I think with a few more runs I could have hit a
14.3 or 14.2 if my perfect launch are perfect run both would have

My clutch is pretty tortured, I was launching at about 3k rpm and getting
some slipping if I wasn't careful.  Did about 10 runs in a row, no over
heating, car ran great, drove it there and back, and will continue to commute
60 miles a day with it tomorow.

Interesting to note, the only major modifications performed since last year
were the header and bigger turbo, and running less boost I knocked 1.4seconds
off my ET and picked up 7mph.  Something to think about, eh??  My air temps
which were a problem last year were good this year (same IC), I was hitting
about 130F by 4th gear.

Anyway, this ain't a drag race car, I'd get rid of the 17" wheels and 13"
brakes if it were, its real strength acceleration wise is 3rd gear on up.

The funnest run of the day by far was the run with the Firebird, I got him
good off the line, he caught me and started pulling me through second, got
about a car length ahead of me in 3rd, but by the top of third I was catching
up to him and we crossed the line he was 1/2 a car in front of me.  He was
quite surprised to say the least, so was I  =)

It was great to see fellow listers Mike Gough and Jason Lyons, hopefully
they'll be out there next year in drag  ;)


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