80tq: 2002 Drag Racing Results

Michael Gough mdg3369 at newtsplace.com
Mon Aug 19 09:39:36 EDT 2002

> It was great to see fellow listers Mike Gough and Jason Lyons,
Yup it was great to finally meet Javad and Jason. They both have incredible
cars! Javad even had a water mister for the the intercooler. I was tempted
to "borrow" it when his back was turned and use it myself. It was HOT! Well
worth the 2 hour drive up there, and enduring the heat though.

> hopefully
> they'll be out there next year in drag  ;)
Yeah I sure will be........hey wait a minute, that doesn't sound right! Next
year all those shiny cars better watch out! The old VW wagon is gonna kick
some butt :) I'll be doing the Auto-X too, just 'cuz it's always sooo fun to
really hammer it around turns.

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