starter failing?

AV8oR s8mania at
Mon Aug 19 14:35:42 EDT 2002

James, start the engine (pull the handbrake!) and check underneath the
Look at the alternator belt and make sure that it is not rubbing against the
part of the bumper cover/metal skirt.

On 4Ks/Coupes the lower part of the skirt is pretty flexible and can be
bent unintentionally while performing repairs or scraping the bottom bumper
cover on curbs.

Good Luck!

87.5 Coupe GT

>>The problem is relative only the engine. With the car in neutral,
>>changing the engine rpm's changes the pitch of the noise. I just had the
>>power steering pump replaced a month or so ago. The alternator was
>>replaced about a year ago. It could either of those. I am just wondering
>>if the starter isn't disengaging from the flywheel? The noise persists
>>regardless of whether or not the clutch is depressed.

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