dash and licenseplate light problem in 1988 90s

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thank you for the hint, this problem is on my 1988 90s, I did have the
afterrun system disabled by the melted rear lighter in the type 44 and fixed
it thanks to the list. In the type 89 there is something similar with the
dash lights going out if the license plate circuit is faulty but I couldn't
find any issues in the typical places (sockets, wiring for license plate
light). I do have a light inside the rear ashtray in the type 89 but the
wiring looks good.

Thank you, anyone have an idea?


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>Hi all,
>this is weird, I lost the dash lights, found the solution and replaced the
>blown fuse for the license plate lights. 10 days later it blew again, more
>research, cleaned/replaced the bulb sockets on the license plate light. No
>luck. Took off and taped the connectors, looked for shaved wires, found the
>glovebox light in pieces and taped it, still no luck. At this point I need
>help from the list, state inspection is due and it won't pass without the
>licenseplate lights in working order.
>Does someone know of another likely cause? The wires within the trunklid
>travel in a thick rubber tube (unlike my 5kTQ) so I cannot see whether
>is an issue in the loom.

Is this the circuit that includes the rear seat cigar lighter that
sometimes causes weird electrical symptoms????

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