Riced capri

alan pritchard alanthecelt at alanthecelt.screaming.net
Mon Aug 19 23:57:02 EDT 2002

Wow, in my local supermarket i saw a really riced ford capri!!!! It was
white with royal blue detail.  It looked serious so i investigated......
Medium/dark tinted windows, lowered enough just to show the tyres, which
looked fat, and turned out to be 195's! A massive great "power buldge" i
the bonnet, so i looked down the scoop to see what kind of supercharger he
had going on, and it was blanked off. it had bolt in bonnet vents, corner
splitters, a sensible sized wing (the horizontal section painted blue with
the splitters) wide arches with vents and a natty blue/black/white decal on
the side of the car. Im sure fifteen years ago it really would have been the
dogs danglies on the streets, and it wasn't too bad, if it had the go to
match the show. Hey, beats the 1.2 novas and corsa's i see around here
looking like something out of startrek.  Incidently when i broke down one
day in my cgt, i called a friend out to tow me home (2l Vauxhall), and when
we approached a roundabout a riced up nova pulled up behind and proceeded to
toot his horn, we pulled away and he came round to the right, and at 30 mph
we overtook him again..... lol.

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