Slow draw 90Q

James Bell doublem at
Mon Aug 19 17:11:25 EDT 2002

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Here is one for the E.E's. in the bunch. In My
Audi 90 Quattro 1989 version.

I have an electrical loss/draw that kills the
battery in 2-3 days. It is about 500 milli-amps
at battery in amount. It is all in # 4 fuse.

This 89 has a built in alarm that is suspicious
and # 1 on the list of evil doers.. But I can't
make it fess up.

Any Idea's from the group on the culprit? or
previous experience on said crime?

J.B. in ID.

89 Audi 90 Q
84 VW quantum 5+5
82 B-350 Ugly dodge motor whale.

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