80tq drag racing results

Brandon Adams quattrorunner at lvcm.com
Mon Aug 19 19:21:07 EDT 2002

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    It's fun to see results of things like drag racing to get an Idea how o=
ther typs of cars preform. I agree that quattro cars in general are not dra=
g racing cars. This however doesn't mean that they aren't fast and powerful=
l=2E Our cars (type 85 and 98q) have strange gearing for drag racing, they =
are short and don't complement the power of the converted cars. As an examp=
le, I couldn't even reach bull boost in my 4000tq in first gear. When I got=
 second gear after the long throw and such at 30-40mph, hte race was over u=
nless I was really more powerful. I began to realize quicker launches from =
second gear and 3500 rpms w/full throttle and slight clutch manipulation. 2=
 months later clutch was gone, but it was faster launches. the k26 didn't h=
elp below 2500 rpms. I wonder how much better the car could be tuned for dr=
ag racing. I doubt it could really compete w/other cars these days just fro=
m design, but try to outrun one of these cars when they are under pressure!
I beat a chevelle when I took my car drag racing, I turned a 14.8 @92 I bel=
ieve. (three years ago) w/14.5LBS. And using first gear launches. (not the =
best combo). All other cars killed me. 3 supras. one with preported 600 hp.=
 That was cool to see a car Leave my quick car behind as though I was going=
    Although I never intended to treat my 90tq the way i treated the 4000tq=
, It was fun to go wot even though i never got more than 6psi. The k24 buil=
ds boost quick! Too bad the car is dissabled. It will be some time before I=
 get over that loss.
I hope to see others results as they find there way around the difficulties=
 of the quattro cars as they start from rest. Thanks, for the data. It's fu=

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