dash and licenseplate light problem in 1988 90s

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I had the same thing happen on my coupe and found it to be related to the
light above the tag, as you had found previously.  mine had gotten water in
it during a wash and was shorting out.  i took the tag light housing apart,
cleaned and dried it, and put it back in, only to have it happen again.
finally i realized that if i put the retaining screws in too tight, the tag
lights themselves would not work at all, so i backed the screws out just a
bit and they work fine.  this is on a coupe though, not a sedan.  from the
20v list archives, i recall some people having found shorted wires in the
trunk loom due to the wire being chafed down through the insulation.  others
have found this same thing in the glove box.  I'd start looking by tracing
the wires in the trunk, then re-check the glove box if that doesn't do it.

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