80tq drag racing results

Michael Gough mdg3369 at newtsplace.com
Mon Aug 19 22:17:21 EDT 2002

Hey everyone. Mike the crazy drag racing SOB here....
I saw Javad drag racing at dubwar, pretty cool seeing the 80tq out there. He
was going pretty damn fast compared to lots of the other people there.
Unfortunately there was no "scoreboard" (you know that shows ET and MPH) so
I couldn't compare him with the other people he raced.

> Our cars (type 85 and 98q) have strange gearing for drag racing,
> they are short and don't complement the power of the converted cars.
That's for sure! The gearing is way too short. I launch at about 5000 RPM
and by the time the clutch is out, it's time to shift to second! I've also
tried to launch in second gear, but I just smoked the 228 clutch every time.
I'll give that another try when I have the 240 clutch in next month with the
new motor. Another thing I'm considering is larger tires in the short term,
and in the long run 3.89 gearing from the 5kt/ur-q though that's looking
like a major PITA to put in a QSW.

> I hope to see others results as they find there way around the difficulties
> of the quattro cars as they start from rest. Thanks, for the data. It's fun.
My best time so far is 15.5 at 85 MPH, that was with the K24 turbo, EFI, and
4(!) PSI of boost. I forgot my wastegate adjusting wrench so I was stuck at
low boost the whole time! That was the last time out, and the only time with
EFI. I'm looking for MUCH more with the new motor.
October or November I should have the rebuilt MC in the car and broken in.
I'll be sure to report my 1/4 mile times. I'll be using a Garrett T3 60 trim
running 21psi (never less than 70% efficiency across the entire rev range)
and over 300hp @ about 6500 RPM with a hotter than stock cam. I've been
doing a lot of calculating and looking at turbo maps etc, and I'm confident
it'll be running consistant low 13s very soon. Maybe even 12s with a little
luck :)
I've ditched the K26/27, it's too big and will be a poor match for the
relatively small Audi motor. I still might play around with it, but only to
prove that it's a poor match for the lil ole 2.2.
By the end of the year, I'll have results for everyone with....
Straight MC K26
K26/27 Hybrid
Garrett T3 60 trim with .63 A/R exhaust housing

And thats the order of success I'm expecting too. I still can't find a
compressor map for the K27 but I can almost guarantee it's too big for a 10v
2.2 motor without serious head work and a very hot cam. We'll all know in a
few months! I can't wait to find out!
'88 QSW-Turbo/EFI

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