80tq drag racing results

Jim Green jeg1976 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 19 23:02:19 EDT 2002

--- Michael Gough <mdg3369 at newtsplace.com> wrote:
> Hey everyone. Mike the crazy drag racing SOB
> here....
> I saw Javad drag racing at dubwar, pretty cool
> seeing the 80tq out there. He
> was going pretty damn fast compared to lots of the
> other people there.
> Unfortunately there was no "scoreboard" (you know
> that shows ET and MPH) so
> I couldn't compare him with the other people he
> raced.
> > Our cars (type 85 and 98q) have strange gearing
> for drag racing,
> > they are short and don't complement the power of
> the converted cars.
> That's for sure! The gearing is way too short. I
> launch at about 5000 RPM
> and by the time the clutch is out, it's time to
> shift to second! I've also
> tried to launch in second gear, but I just smoked
> the 228 clutch every time.
> I'll give that another try when I have the 240
> clutch in next month with the
> new motor. Another thing I'm considering is larger
> tires in the short term,
> and in the long run 3.89 gearing from the 5kt/ur-q
> though that's looking
> like a major PITA to put in a QSW.

Man I wish I could have been there with you guys.  I
raced a WRX "STI" (doubt it, but the badge was there)
today.  Good match up, she beat me off the line at a
double left turn, I had the outside lane, couldn't
keep the inside tires hooked up, caught back up to her
around 80 mph right when we hit traffic so I couldn't
pass her.  Damn.  I thought my gears were close, it
seemed like she was shifting way more frequently than
me.  Maybe it really was an STI with six speeds, hmm,
I didn't think those were here yet.  Or she didn't
know how to drive, but the car sounded like it was
getting a good flogging trying to stay ahead of me.
Once I get my stupid ign. bug fixed, I swear I'll get
some #'s for you guys from the track.

BTW Haltech is working there hardest on loosing my
business, but stay posted I haven't lost faith yet.
Javad you need a test car for that ign. system yet?


Jim Green
'89 90tq 034EFI, Haltech IG5

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