boost gauge reads 0.1

Suffolk GameServer LAN at
Tue Aug 20 02:24:20 EDT 2002

I posted this exact question months ago to no real avail.
What I did find later on...............
The Michelin Man hose had a crack in the bottom.  Not big.  From the intake
manifold to the intercooler in the grill area.  Super easy to get to.
I'd get 1.2 - 1.3 for the most part.  However, I think the deceleration (to
produce) 0.1 and 0.0 was the crack opening up and letting air into the
system.  (idle is generally 0.2)  Food for thought.]
-Scott in Boston

 my bar guage for the boost is acting weired I know
that at Idle theres supposed to be some reading like
I've noticed 0.1
 but during the ride coming to a stop sighn it went to
0.0 and

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