Rear view mirror mount removal

Lee Levitt lee at
Tue Aug 20 06:49:50 EDT 2002

"Craig D. Niederst" <niederst at> writes:

> I got a good deal on an electrochromic rear view mirror (free) from a '98
> A4, and I am attempting to install it in my '92 100S. The new
> mirror uses a round style mirror mount versus the more traditional mount
currently on my
> 100. I have the wiring ready, but the only problem is I cannot remove the
> old mirror mount from the windshield. I have tried to pry it off carefully
> with a razor blade, but I cannot get the blade behind the mount.

> I tried to just pull it off with the mirror attached, but I'm afraid that
> am going to break the windshield. Anyone done this before?


> Any tricks? TIA.

Um, $0 glass breakage deductible?

The glass *will* break. And you'll curse a blue stream. BTDT.

Call your local glass guy and ask him how to do it. I'll bet that every so
often they put one of those buttons on wrong and have to remove it.

I'm betting that a propane torch is involved...heat up the button just
enough to loosen the adhesive, and it *should* come off fairly easily. But
I'm not necessarily recommending this you could light your
headliner on fire or crack your windshield with the heat!


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