80tq drag racing results

Dave Aukerman aukdav at ccsdana.net
Tue Aug 20 08:56:33 EDT 2002

Don't be too quick to discount the k26/27 turbo as being too big.  A little
laggy, but a monster once you hit 3k.

Now if you were strapping on -just- a k27, I would readily agree.


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>> I've ditched the K26/27, it's too big and will be a poor match for the
> relatively small Audi motor. I still might play around with it, but only
> prove that it's a poor match for the lil ole 2.2.
> By the end of the year, I'll have results for everyone with....
> Straight MC K26
> K26/27 Hybrid
> Garrett T3 60 trim with .63 A/R exhaust housing
> And thats the order of success I'm expecting too. I still can't find a
> compressor map for the K27 but I can almost guarantee it's too big for a
> 2.2 motor without serious head work and a very hot cam. We'll all know in
> few months! I can't wait to find out!
> Mike
> '88 QSW-Turbo/EFI

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