Fuel line replacement

radek at istar.ca radek at istar.ca
Tue Aug 20 16:05:04 EDT 2002

Hello listers.

I have to replace a rusted metal fuel line and the local parts store offered me a choice
of either buying a 25ft roll of fuel line or a 3/8" brake line.  My question is:  are
and fuel lines essentially the same (metal tubes) or is there any difference that would
make them incompatible?
Are there perhaps any plastic lines now available that would be a good idea to use to
replace the whole line, from the rear of the car all the way to the engine compartment?
If I use the brake line, I'm planning just to replace the rusted section and connect it
to the existing line which seems to be in a fair shape with a piece of flexible fuel hose.

Thanks to all for your ongoing support.

88 90Q

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