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Livolsi, Stephane Stephane.Livolsi at investorsgroup.com
Tue Aug 20 16:23:05 EDT 2002

Hello Radek.  This is your lucky day because I am going to save you a whole
lot of wasted time!

I replaced both fuel supply and return lines from the accumulator to the
engine on my 86 5ktq.  Originally I did what you intend to do and I just
replaced the small section that leaked, as the rest of it looked 'good'.  Oh
what a mistake.  Every single location where a grommet holds the fuel line
to the underside of the car was very weak.  Messing around and moving the
lines while cutting out the leaking section made them even weaker and they
started leaking in short order.

I measured up the length I would need and got new brake lines (they are the
same as fuel lines) and installed in place of the originals.  I found it
easier to run a short pipe down the firewall and then a long pipe from the
front of the car to the back.  I spliced the 2 together at the base of the
firewall with a threaded coupling.  I spliced my new lines into the old ones
at the engine and fuel accumulator using some high pressure rubber fuel line
hose (has to be high pressure - if the price seems low it's probably the
wrong stuff) and double hose clamps.  Did this well over a year ago and I no
longer worry about fuel leaks.
You can even use the original grommets to hold the fuel line up against the
underside of the car - but then of course you will need to change them again
in ...oh, say 15 years or so.....:)

My advice to you, having BTDT, is to redo the whole thing.

Good luck


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> Subject: 	Fuel line replacement
> Hello listers.
> I have to replace a rusted metal fuel line and the local parts store
> offered me a choice
> of either buying a 25ft roll of fuel line or a 3/8" brake line.  My
> question is:  are
> brake
> and fuel lines essentially the same (metal tubes) or is there any
> difference that would
> make them incompatible?
> Are there perhaps any plastic lines now available that would be a good
> idea to use to
> replace the whole line, from the rear of the car all the way to the engine
> compartment?
> If I use the brake line, I'm planning just to replace the rusted section
> and connect it
> to the existing line which seems to be in a fair shape with a piece of
> flexible fuel hose.
> Thanks to all for your ongoing support.
> Radek
> 88 90Q

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