HELP! 10V Turbo I-5 piston sources needed!!!

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Wed Aug 21 00:36:10 EDT 2002

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Ameer, its all relative, but you shouldn't have any trouble running 15+ psi
with an 8.5:1 MC motor, its definitely won't "blow up" as some may have told
you.  I'm running an MC2 8.4:1 motor currently between 15-18psi in my 80tq.


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> I'm curious about your piston group purchase.. They were 8.5:1?? What's the
> reasoning for the jump from stock MC 7.8 to 8.5? I thought that higher
> compression motors were'nt good for a high perf. turbo motor? Funny, I
> remember a couple yrs ago, people telling me my KH motor (8.3:1) would blow
> up
> if I tried to turn up the boost..TIA.
> -ameer

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