10vt EM needed, anybody have one?

Nate Stuart newt at newtsplace.com
Wed Aug 21 10:03:26 EDT 2002

Well, in digging into the 90tq last night, I decided to check out just
how bad the crack was in my EM (I knew there was one, could hear it).
Lets just say they don't get much worse, cracked nearly all the way
around, and alowing enough exhaust gasses out to melt a couple of nearby
peices of plastic and such. Oh, fun.

I would really like to get the car back on the road ASAP, I was waiting
on putting together a tube header until this winter, cause I want to
drive the damn car this summer/fall.

So, long story short, if anyone has a spare EM, single or two
piece(preffered, my brothers 5ktq is in need of a new one as well and if
I get a 2 piece I'll put it on his when I get my header together), let
me know about it!

I've got another EM with a not-so-big crack in it that I may try and get
welded up if I can't source a replacement.

'89 90tq

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