Weird MC engine problem

Robert Myers robert at
Wed Aug 21 10:45:15 EDT 2002

Aw, gee, Phil.  Why is it that _you_ get all the fun problems.  :-)

It's not that I wish them on you but my relieved (so far) feeling is that
it's better you than me.  At least you have a chance of solving them.  So
do I, I guess, but my chances more closely resemble those of a snowball in
that proverbial very warm place.   :-)

At 09:31 AM 8/21/02, Phil Payne wrote:

>Just a quick update, because access to the car is limited.  I'm going to
>see it again
>The garage investigating the problem now suspects a temperature-related
>issue with the crank
>sensor.  They say a scope trace shows that signal dying just before the
>engine does and not
>returning until everything cools a little.  They also say they've found
>classic tie-wrap
>damage to the screened cable.
>My scepticism is because of the lack of ECU codes and the wierd way the
>ECU holds the lamp
>driver high.  Maybe there's a bug in the MAC14 code we haven't found yet.
>Anyway - playing again tomorrow.  Will post final results.
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