Fuel line replacement - part 2

george mills gamills at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed Aug 21 12:58:29 EDT 2002

>Also, the existing fuel line is about 9 mm in diameter.  The brake line I
>got from the parts place is thicker, 3/8" and probably will not fit in the
>rubber hose it's supposed to connect to.  Should I go to the dealer to get a
>metric fuel line?  What are the standard sizes of fuel lines, anybody know?
Hi Radek. On my 87 5kq the fuel lines are 5/16 o.d. Pretty much
standard. Same size as copper oil furnace lines BTW :) If you're on
the cheap you can use that and go with compression fittings or high
pressure fuel hose 5/16 i.d. and clamps to fit it all together. If
you're not on the cheap, the dealer will happily supply. You'll really
wish you had a lift for this bit of work, but it can be done on your
back :)

Best regards,

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