diesels, rusty.

Ed Birch edwbirch at comcast.net
Wed Aug 21 12:53:19 EDT 2002

Chander Balakrishnan wrote.....

> I will tell you why I sold my 1985 MB 300 TD -- it was starting to rust
> over !!  MB's did not then (do not know if this is still so) have
> bodies.

That's too bad, 'cause the 1985 123-series MB was great car, IE: easy to
work on!

I owned a 1964 190Dc and a '74 240D that both rusted away. In both cars, the
drive line was bullet proof. In contrast, my 1987 300D 124 series was zinc
coated and damn near rust proof, while the rest of the car gave me
continuous problems.

93-100S....rust proof.

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