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>1. Is the price of diesel fuel in Europe less than that of gasoline
>because the suppliers charge less or because it is taxed less?

Diesel cost more than gasoline, most governments charge less taxes for diesel,
and tax even more gas to make up the difference. The main reason is not the
cars, but most of the short/medium distance transport is dependent on diesel.
Diesel is a major component on things like inflation, food, if the current
government has a chance to win the next election, etc...

>2. Is it not the case that volume wise, there is more gasoline available

>from a barrel of crude than there is fuel oil?

That's correct there is more gas oline in a barrel than diesel, and the
processing is quicker/cheaper.
>3. If the demand for diesel fuel increases, will the price not increase
>as well?


That's a tough question, but judging by the past, it is more likely that
gasoline will be taxed even more to make up the difference.

>4. In the US - if the demand for diesel increases while the demand for
>gasoline drops, is it not likely that the tax ratios will be changed, at

>least for autos?

Autos are not a factor on diesel consumption, even in Europe, trucks, trains,
barges are.
>5. Is it true that the new diesel engines actually discharge less total
>pollutants than new gasoline vehicles (ultra low emissions, etc)? gallon
>vrs gallon? hp vrs hp? etc.


I have no idea. It could???
>I figure someone on the list can answer these questions or point me
>toward the answers.
>Thanks in advance.
>regards to all
>Steve Addy

I hope this helped.



ps One last thing. The marketing behind the diesel in europe is that gasoline
and government pays part of your bill, and with the current gas prices, it is
very attractive.

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