Weird MC engine problem

Ben Swann bswann at
Wed Aug 21 14:58:26 EDT 2002

[Aw, gee, Phil.  Why is it that _you_ get all the fun problems.  :-)

It's not that I wish them on you but my relieved (so far) feeling is that
it's better you than me.  At least you have a chance of solving them.  So
do I, I guess, but my chances more closely resemble those of a snowball in
that proverbial very warm place.   :-)]

I have often suspected that the types of problems folks get confronted with
are directly proportional to their capability to resolve them.

The clueless get something like  - my car doesn't run right.  Then they
find out later that it was out of gas.  Or my car is pulling to the right -
happening because the right tire only had 15 PSI in it.


Currently becoming an expert in plumbing, electrical, tiling and general
Bathroom repair.  Was HVAC last week when our Compressor died (or so it
seemed) - anyone want to guess what the culprit was?  (Cars are easy!)

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