4kq clunking FIXED!

Aaron Sherrick aaron at eurekalubricants.com
Wed Aug 21 15:31:25 EDT 2002

My 4kq went in to the shop today (with my usual mechanic this time).  The
first suspect for the clunking noises was the exhaust.  My mechanic pisses
and moans about my Stebro all the time, because he says it doesn't fit that
well.  I tend to agree and think it could fit a bit better.  The exhaust was
definitely banging the underside of the car in two places.   He used a
universal hanger that he mounted on the rear differential;  now the system
isn't going anywhere.  The strange thing about this is that I've had the
exhaust for a year and a half and never had the problem until recently.

The next suspect was the suspension and its various bushings.  As usual I
have some worn out control arm bushing on the front driver's side, but it's
not terrible.  There were also some worn tie rod bushings.  However, the
real problem was the passenger side motor mount.  The mount actually wasn't
bad, but apparently it wasn't tightened properly.  I think the problem was
that the nut was tightened down against the shoulder, but the shoulder
wasn't tight against the mount because of a problem with the washer.  Does
that make sense?  I thought that's what he said, anyway.  The engine
probably had 2-3" of play.  I'm guessing this is the reason that my exhaust
starting clunking originally.  Tightening the mount also solved the grinding
noise I was getting when I'd brake hard.  I believe this noise was something
coming in contact with the radiator fan (since the motor could move so

Another problem I've been having recently is I'll get a "whirring" sound at
2800-3200rpm's when the A/C is on.  My mechanic found that the compressor
was vibrating, because it was a bit loose.  However, when he went to tighten
it the threads started to pull out on one of the bolts.  So, he tapped all
four holes and used inserts.  He also replaced the compressor belt while he
was there.  This looked like a real PITA, but it fixed the problem.

So, after 4 hours at the mechanic, my 4kq is running pretty smoothly again.
I've managed to put off the inevitable once again (replacing the whole
suspension).  This will get done soon, however.

'86 4kq

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> My beloved 4kq has been exhibiting some clunking noises from underneath.
> started to happen occasionally (like when I would corner hard or
> and it wasn't that loud.  Now, it happens all the time.  The clunking
> happens on nearly any weight transition (fore, aft, right side, left
> If I'm stopped, and I give the car a moderate amount of gas I'll get a
> clunk.  When I'm driving, and I let off the gas to decelerate I'll get a
> clunk.  Practically any time I corner I'll get a clunk.  It's hard to pin
> point where the noise is coming from.  It sounds like it's in the front
> suspension, possibly on the passenger side.  One of friends (who is more
> knowledgeable than I) suggested it might be a CV joint on its way out.
> ideas?  I'm really afraid the car is going to let me sit somewhere.
> Aaron
> '86 4kq
> www.lehigh.edu/~amsk

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