Tranny replacement questions -older quattro models

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Wed Aug 21 22:09:05 EDT 2002

Fellow listers,

Hopefully I'll be having soon my replacement tranny and I've already
started considering options for the replacement procedure...

First I could have it done for about 200$, which won't be possible if I
have to buy an used one, and I don't even have the money to buy a new one
(BTW, if someone wants to participate to a fund raising for me to buy a new
replacement gearbox, which only costs 650 Euros, I'd gladly take your
contributions :-))) ) so I'll more than likely be tackling this job myself,
maybe with the help of a friend but he's never replaced a tranny before....

I've already talked to a shop owner around here and he could probably let
me use his lift and garage during the evenings next week if he doesn't have
any car to work on during the evenings... so this could be a lot easier
than doing this job laying on my back under the car...

Now for the questions, I do have some:

1) do I need to remove the driveshaft carrier bearing and driveshaft in
order to R&R the tranny?

2) do I necessarily need to disconnect the inner tie rod ends at the
steering rack in order to have the tranny out?

Anyway, I expect your answers to be numerous with lots of BTDT on this
procedure, and I'm gladly looking forward to do this job myself, hey this
summer the only thing I won't have to do myself is bodywork and welding,
otherwise the engine swap is done, the suspension swap is done as well
(pics to come soon!), the tranny swap will soon be done, brakes are done,
only the bodywork remains :-))))



'85 Coupe quattro - 3B converted, awaiting replacement gearbox, HD
Bilsteins/H&R springs and Porsche front brakes

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