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Ed Birch edwbirch at comcast.net
Wed Aug 21 16:49:09 EDT 2002

Russ Maki wrote.....

> Mercedes' 3.5L turbo diesel engines are notorious for developing major
> internal problems such as bent rods and out-of-round cylinder bores in
> than 100K miles<snip>Somewhat ironic that S-class buyers laid down some
large cash with >the intent of obtaining a car with an almost immortal
engine in the tradition of
> the old 4-and 5-cylinder Merc diesels. Instead they got an underbuilt POS.

And, Mercedes Benz was hit with a large Class-Action law suit filed by
several disgruntled 350D owners.  MB responded with free replacement motors.

Does anyone remember the 6 cylinder 300D trap-oxidizer device that was
fitted to the 1986-87 MB Diesels.  That was another engineering blunder
which cost MB a great deal of money in free replacements. When the trap
broke off pieces, it damaged the turbocharger.

My 87 received three free turbo/trap replacements @$3,500 each.

The permanent fix was a completly redesigned exhaust system, free of course!

Ed Birch

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