Tranny replacement questions -older quattro models

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Wed Aug 21 18:07:50 EDT 2002

Hi Mihnea,

I put some comments/answers/opinions within your text below, which I edited.

Quoting Mihnea Cotet <mik at>:
> Now for the questions, I do have some:
> 1) do I need to remove the driveshaft carrier bearing and driveshaft in
> order to R&R the tranny?

I believe the answer to this is yes, since you need to pull the tranny back to get the shaft out of the clutch.

> 2) do I necessarily need to disconnect the inner tie rod ends at the
> steering rack in order to have the tranny out?

If this is much like a Coupe GT, and I think it is, I think the answer is yes here as well, because it is a very close fit.  There is not enough room to pull the tranny back far enough, with the bracket in place.  It's the bracket you have to remove from the steering rack.  Of course, your car could be way different than mine was.

This is one of those situations where it probably pays just to remove the parts they say to remove instead of trying to avoid doing that.

It's always good to ask tho'.  The Bentley suggests pulling the lower radiator hose to drain it, but I think most find it easier to pull the fan switch, for example.  Or maybe it's the other way around, I forget. :-)



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