Michigan people need parts from force 5?

paanta at splatterfish.com paanta at splatterfish.com
Wed Aug 21 19:02:40 EDT 2002

  I've got a crate on a cargo truck that'll be bringing a couple of body
parts to me in Ann Arbor, MI.  If you're in the area, and need something
big shipped from Force 5 (fenders, hoods, seats, engines, etc) let me
know ASAP and we can split shipping costs.  Looks like about $250 for
the crate.  I'll even deliver anything that'll fit in a GTI or 5000TQ within a
reasonable (hour or two) distance for the first person to jump on this
willing to pay $125 for shipping.  :)

  -Pat Austin
  734-761-5710 (home)
  734-222-8142 x228 (work)

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