Urq rear differential

Ragnampiza at aol.com Ragnampiza at aol.com
Wed Aug 21 20:43:33 EDT 2002

Does a Ur-q rear differential housing interchange into a 4kq or 80q.  (type
85 or type 89)?
In a message dated 8/21/02 10:58:56 PM, mik at info.fundp.ac.be writes:

<< The answer is quite simple, YES!


not quite so simple.......I depends on the code but it is possible ....but
good luck finding one.....

there was a change in mid 85.....early urq diffs use fixed arms.....and have
the big drivers side seal.....to use this setup requires early subframe
.....the 3.89 was available on some types of CQ20v cars and this is the one
required for a type 89
can be mated up to 5ktq trannie for 3.89 final drive all the way
around....5ktq trannie uses 108mm flanges and i believe the cq diff does
too.....I know the Urq diff does......3:89 ring and pinion can be ordered and
refitted to late 4kq diff....but you'll have to look at family album for the
right set.......FA also lists rear diff codes if your looking for complete
used diff......but good luck finding a used one(probably more common in

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