Wiseco, JE - types of forged pistons

Ameer Antar antar at attbi.com
Wed Aug 21 22:13:35 EDT 2002

I'm considering getting pistons from Wiseco, but I heard that JE pistons
are a different type of piston, but both are forged, right? I know that
forged pistons expand more and need higher piston-bore clearance, but I
heard that JE uses another alloy that reduces expansion, and their
clearance recommendations definitely are much closer to OE specs. So how
about the Wiseco type? I hear that higher clearances of forged pistons wear
the bores more quickly and the motors are noisy, all b/c of the extra slop.
But are the JE types weaker than the classic forged design? Thanks again
for all this info yall.


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