Dubwars 2002

Michael Gough mdg3369 at newtsplace.com
Wed Aug 21 20:30:32 EDT 2002

>  Mike, it was good to put a face with
> the name (although bring your car next year! :-) ). As to how I did, well I
> now have another 1st place Open Audi trophy for my mantle (very nice!!!!)!
> Lots of cool cars were present, more listers should try to attend next year.
Congrats on the trophy! Ya I'll be there smoking all 4 tires next year! I
just put the front end back in tonight (old one was all bent up), the Nogaro
blue paint will be finished very soon, and the rebuilt MC is all bolted up
ready to go in (using non-stretch head bolts BTW :)
I was really hoping to get out this year with the paint and new motor, but
as usual, things take too long, and the car wasn't finished in time.

> By the way, maybe I'll try my hand at the drags next year.
You'll have some stiff competition from me.
I'll be doing the Auto-X too, should be fun. Hopefully some more listers
will get out and watch me spank all those new cars out there...those chipped
S4s aren't gonna know what happened!
'88 QSW-Turbo/EFI

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