86 4Ks Rear window stoplight removal

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Wed Aug 21 23:31:16 EDT 2002

> I have found a 84 4Ks in a local junkyard and have been stripping front
> window regulators, caliper guide pins, seats, door mouldings, etc.
> Can anyone tell me how to release the housing for the brake light which
> sits atop the rear deck.  Above the back of the rear seat?

as I recall, first, you can remove most of it (the lamp holding part) by
squeezing in a couple of tabs on each end.  Then it gets harder.  The
remaining plastic part is sort of slid onto a pair of metal plates that
are glued to the glass, but I never successfully slid one off those
plates.  To use one from an '87 5k, I smashed the rear window and then
picked the glass off the metal plates.

> Also, the dash cover has no cracks or scuffs. the number moulded into it
> is 857 857 003B with  GHE  M3.  Anyone know if this would fit the 84
> 4Ks?

You can put an '86 dash in an '84 (type 85), yes.

You will, however need a lot of parts and have to put some effort into
things like rewiring the newer style switches.  It is worth it for the
much improved cosmetics, though.


no pix, but lots of words...

Huw Powell



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