86 4Ks Rear window stoplight removal

Donald Lamond dlam119 at bellsouth.net
Wed Aug 21 23:56:26 EDT 2002

Merci mon ami !

Used to live in Hooksett, (State you know what there,) Manchester too,
for a very short time,  even did some time in Newburyport.

Would like to get up and see Chris Semple sometime.  I still have a
cherrypicker in Newbury
Vt. which I will need for my 75 Ford Courier. (Engine currently in
living room.)

Ah well; what can you expect from someone from George Mills part of the
woods.  But a bit further to the East.

Apologies to Mr. Mills,  I have been invaded this evening by Govenor


84 4Ks

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