electric impact wrench

Bernard Littau bernardl at acumenassociates.com
Thu Aug 22 09:54:37 EDT 2002

> How about an inverter and the impact wrench for changing tires and wheel
> nuts?
> -Scott in BOSTON
> I was wondering if anyone had any experience
> >with using one of those electric impact
> >wrenches?

I picked up an 12V impact wrench from Harbor Freight one time when I was
there browsing.  I was very skeptical at it being useful, but it was on sale

When I tried to use it, it just spun the motor and didn't do anything.  I
tried several short bursts, and nothing but spinning inside, but no force on
the socket.  Ha, I thought, it _is_ useless.  In frustration I just held the
switch on for a longer time, this allowed me to see the pretty red LED that
lights up the socket area so you can work in darkness.  Boy was I surprised
when something engaged and almost ripped the impact wrench out of my hand.
Apparently is uses the small 12V motor to spin up a weight, which then
engages on the socket shaft.  It puts out quite a jolt.  I've tried it on my
lugs, and boy does it work.  Classic RTFM :-)

Now I think that every car should have one of these 12V impact wrenches.


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5ktq

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