[urq] '85 coupe quattro tranny replacement options????

Julian Stafford julian.stafford at virgin.net
Thu Aug 22 21:53:49 EDT 2002

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Date: 22 August 2002 16:19
Subject: [urq] '85 coupe quattro tranny replacement options????

>In my quest for the "easiest" way of replacing the tranny on my '85 coupe
>quatto, can someone tell me if it easier to R&R just the tranny using a
>lift (hopefully I found a garage owner who will let me use all his funny
>tools including the lift, after his work next week, for a ridiculous price)
>or to remove the engine/tranny assembly together from underneath?

When I did the clutch and crank seal on my MB I just raised the entire car
on 4 tall axle stands and lowered the tranny with a large trolley jack. I
did it all on my own with no real problems other than having to remove the
steering arms and the bracket that bolts to the rack to make room for the
bellhousing. IMO this is an easier task than having to deal with 100 other
items when removing the tranny/engine combined.

HTH Julian.

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