(NAC) import from Europe - general questions

BenediktRochow at oaktech.com BenediktRochow at oaktech.com
Thu Aug 22 17:11:16 EDT 2002

Was there some recently passed rule that enables one to import
historic-type vehicles without too much hassle (and mostly restricting
annual mileage and such in return) or did I dream that?
(...or did they have silly critewria for what makes a car historically
interesting, such as if a few million were built, that's non-historic,
even if only a few thusand remain today?)

I was just looking through EPA and DOT webpages on old-car importing
to the US again and found that the DOT says that 25+ years of age means
" no restrictions on import" in most places -  though there seems to be
about cars built after Sept. 1, 1973 needing to comply with bumper
regulations - and no explanation as to which of these conflicting rules

On the other hand, the EPA rules for the manuf. year have to be conformed
with, which,
if there are any rules (i.e. after 1968 or 1972), is very risky to deal
with, because even
conformance on paper with Euro emissions regulations would probably still
it being measured, i.e. approval/denial after the car is already shipped

Hence the question at the top.
(On the plus side, I'm looking at importing a Renault 4 (1961-92), which
that - with quite some effort - I can at least take an importable-year
and put a late-80s body on it. I think.)

Has anybody tried importing a car without engine installed, to avoid

thanks in advance,

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