diesels & rust.

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Thu Aug 22 18:54:03 EDT 2002

I'll respond to this and the previous message about
the 3.5D in the big cars.  I find it almost
unbieleveable than Merc would produce/market ANY
engine/drivetrain that couldn't make 100k.  I'd have
figured 200 to 300k minimum diesel or gas.  I wonder
how they handled the inevitable landslide of protests.
 I also remember some of the old Merc. diesel ads.
The guy with the old 190? that had 1,100,000 miles.
The 220D manual that could go like 1100? miles on a
tankful.  Cool.  Not the styling of the cars by todays
standards, but if you drive alot, you gotta love the
mileage/durability numbers.

Jim Accordino
MAC-wonder how the 2.5 TDI will stand the test of

--- Ed Birch <edwbirch at comcast.net> wrote:
> Kneale Brownson wrote.......
> > You want to see rusty Mercedes cars?  Look for
> something from the midwest
> > from the 50's and 60's.  I don't think Germany had
> any idea what salt on a
> > snowy road would do to a car's body in those
> days.....
> That might have been MB's way of getting Diesel
> owners into a new car!!
> Several years ago, The Star, magazine of MB Car Club
> of America, printed a
> survey of high mileage MB Diesel powered cars. Of
> those who responded,
> several from the southwest area recorded mileage in
> the 500K range.
> Ed Birch.
> 93-100S.

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