Was: Wiseco piston job number - max oversize for 10V motors?

Ameer Antar antar at attbi.com
Fri Aug 23 02:15:40 EDT 2002

>Oil ring is back drilled for oil flow and the pin is also drilled for
>Suggsted clearance is .0030 ( I'm assuming that's inches )

thanks a lot for the job number. so, that's pretty close clearance for a
forged piston..closer to the JE's. btw, are KH and MC blocks the same
castings? My bores are at 3.13" now. The MC is 3.19" stock, and it seems
the Wiseco's are 3.25", which would be a .120" oversize for my block. I
just hope the water passages aren't in the way. Anyone have any advice on
the max bore size for all the 10V  motors? Thanks again.


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