ALMS Mosport pics

Rave Racer Ravewar at
Fri Aug 23 06:34:58 EDT 2002

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    Ok peeps.  I've loaded up some of the pics from this years ALMS at Mosp=
ort.  They're on a local site based on MSN chat room, so the site is slow, =
but you can see them one at a time or go through the mini pics and click on=
ly the ones you want to see.

Pic menu:
, and if that doesn't work click on the first pic and just go through them =
by clicking next at the top of the screen.

First pic:

    I had to remove many of my personal pics from the site because I'm only=
 allowed 3 megs and went way over.  Please, If someone has a real site and =
could keep my pics up on there on a more permanent basis, I'm not concerned=
 about copyrights.  They're all my pics so you need not worry about copyrig=
hts either.
    There are 52 pics on the site, but I have more that I couldn't send.  I=
f you have a site, email me off list and I'll send what I've got, about 70 =
pics.  If you were present at the track, I may have pics of you that I did =
not include for the public.  Contact me and I will forward those privately.

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