Was: Wiseco piston job number - max oversize for 10V motors?

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Fri Aug 23 11:56:05 EDT 2002

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You can safely bore any of the I5 blocks to 83+mm, BTDT up to 84.


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antar at attbi.com writes:

> thanks a lot for the job number. so, that's pretty close clearance for a
> forged piston..closer to the JE's. btw, are KH and MC blocks the same
> castings? My bores are at 3.13" now. The MC is 3.19" stock, and it seems
> the Wiseco's are 3.25", which would be a .120" oversize for my block. I
> just hope the water passages aren't in the way. Anyone have any advice on
> the max bore size for all the 10V  motors? Thanks again.
> -ameer

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