cheap fix for lifternoise/ fram filter falure

brian tanner basicrhetoric at
Fri Aug 23 19:25:48 EDT 2002

lifter noise is usually caused bydirt clogging the oil passage in a lifter,
cheap solution amsoil engine oil flush, you drain out a quart of oil ad this
stuff run for 20 minutes at a fast idle then change your oil and filter

for a more thurough cleaning start with new oil and filter.
it worked on my 89a80, the lifter noise was so loud I first thought it was a
bottom end noise. it stil makes noise on cold starts in the winter but goes
away once she's warmed up.

with reguards to a bad fram oil filter causing poor lubrication, most oil
filters have a by-pass circuit in them so that if the filter element is
plugged the filter is by-passed so that oil flow is not restricted. so if jo
blow goes too many mile without an oil change, or buys the oil filter that
filters down to 6 microns and his engine oil just doesn't like it no more
oil filtration.......I once replaced an oil filter element  on a vw vr6
,they are a cartidge insert, the old filter came out in two peices, the
owner had gone atleast 10k miles without an oil change and his filter
element had broken apart.  I have also seen lifter noise caused by the
engine oil level being low, so low it was off the with reguards
to a bad oil filter.....sure blame it on all on the oil filter!  six one way
half dozen the other.

Brian Tanner

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