Accident damaged 4kq - Advice and Opinions welcomed

Chuck Schott Schott at
Fri Aug 23 13:58:13 EDT 2002

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Greetings Listers:
Sorry for the length of this post, but I have some processing/grieving
to do...

Unfortunately my 84 4kq was damaged in an accident recently (don't ask!)
and I'm having  a hard time accepting that I may have personally turned
it into a "parts" car.

The damage:
Right front fender, hood, core support, lower valence and headlight
assembly are crunched (need to be replaced to fix it right.)
Bumper, energy absorber and support are pushed down.  Bumper may be
bent. Top bumper trim and grill crunched.
Top-notch body shop says it needs to be put on the rack, smaller shop
guy I know says he can get it 'pretty close' without a rack ($1100 body
and paint labor to have it done in the shop).

Before the accident:
175k miles.  Aside from the AC and a missing window switch pretty much
everything on the car is complete and operational.
Car is all original except Stebro exhaust, ATE power disc rotors and
tire size.
Interior is near perfect with one small hole in  driver's seat
(cigarette burn from previous owner?), crack in speaker grill and broken
plastic trim on seat runner rail.
All exterior trim is intact, including black plastic windshield trim,
except rear door handle trim and 3 of the black plastic center caps for
the wheels..
It is due for a tune, needs bushings in the rear and for the shift
linkage and has a crack in the windshield (have used replacement).  Tiny
bit of rust at paint chips (3 or 4 places.)
Everyone says the accident is such a shame since it was in such "nice
shape" otherwise.  Of course as the proud owner I cannot more fully

Should I fix it?
If I sell it as-is would someone else fix it? or part it out?
Anyone venture a guess how much I could get for it as-is?

If I fix it, I need to know:
Anyone have a parts donor car?
I expect hood can come from any 4k?
Core support and valence need to come from any 5cyl 4k?
Bumper, fender and headlight parts could come from any pre 85 4k?
Grill is 84 4kq only?
Is $300 a good ball park for the used parts?

On the other hand, I have the opportunity to buy a nice '94 90CS.  It
has 65K dealer-maintained miles and has been "babied" by my
sister-in-law since it was new.
I'm told it is in excellent condition but will not know until next week
when I go to CA to check it out.
I have some concerns that I will be disappointed with the auto trans,
non-Quattro and less of the "old Audi" feel than my '84.  Forget the
A4's, a 94 seems like a "new" Audi to me, having moved from a 78 Fox to
an 84 4k in 1984 and then to this 84 4kq about 5 years ago.

Maybe it's not as big of a change as I imagine.

It'll be hard to let go of the 84.
No more:
"It has FIVE cylinders?"   Or "you really want to buy 5 (spark plugs)?"
"Why are the back windows manual and the front electric?"
"Wow, they had all-wheel drive in 1984"
"This car is almost 20 years old?"

Though I won't miss hearing my 3 year old ask:  "Why does Mama call your
car 'cracky'?"

She just doesn't get it son.


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