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Rocky Mullin caliban at
Fri Aug 23 18:13:50 EDT 2002

	i sold my URQ last year and my A4, oh i love it.  since it has
a warranty and actually runs when i turn the key, i have let most of
my q-list participation lapse as life increases pace.

	what's new?  well, i saw a fading red URQ today.  it looked just
like mike williams', so i figured he had put it back together.  the guy
waved at me as i faced him in traffic on my suzuki dirt bike, riding to
traffic school in fact, thank you ventura county.  he waived because i
was pointing and yelling woooo hooooo!

	i don't think it was mike, though.

	anyway the A4 has been great, 33k miles now and i have had it
exactly 2.5 years.  it's going in for body work while i am at burning
man next week.  then engine work - it *just* started hissing under boost,
woooosh.  popped some valve or somesuch, power is down a bit, and my
warranty goes to 85k miles and like 5 or 7 years.  typical little audi
things that the dealer fixes, and makes me hot chocolate, too.

	i want an allroad anyway, someone have one for sale?  i need
it loaded including hitch capability, GPS, and boy do i really want
it to be a stickshift.  fat chance.  maybe lots will sell when the
V8 comes out.

	BIG UPS to frank and tex who had some great data about truck
brakes and helped me decide to rent a 12' stakebed with a 450 diesel
in it instead of the fun but flakey braked cummins dodge with a fat
banks boost kit and lots of gauges.  that'll carry our stuff much
more effectively anyway, and it has the electric brake controller as
well as a compatible electrical coupler.  better all around, though now
i will be $500 poorer, gah.  i have a lot to carry - 20 gallons of
gasoline, 8 gallons of premix for the scooter, 185 gallons of water,
16 gallons of chai, 16 gallons of soy milk - that's just the liquids!
a drum set, a bunch of other instruments, the lambretta, 100 pounds
of vinyl LPs, clothing, costumes, lumber for the art installation,
a couple of ice chests, food crates, some tools... OH!  speaking of
burning man, any listers gonna be there?  and chek out the allroad
on the playa last year:

	the index is fun, too.

  rocky mullin - chaotic good
  "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey,
   but spiritual beings on a human journey." -Some Guy

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