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> Should I fix it?
> If I sell it as-is would someone else fix it? or part it out?
> Anyone venture a guess how much I could get for it as-is?

It depends - is it worth it TO YOU?  No one can tell you what to do...only
make helpful suggestions.  When I bought my newest GT (1986, it was the third
I owned..) almost four years ago, everyone thought I was nuts...the car had
190,000 miles and was in need of attention.  Now, though, the car is so cool,
just about everyone who sees it is very impressed, and I go out to the
racetrack and run with cars that cost 10-50 times as much as it.  It makes me
happy, I love the car, and that's what is important.  On the other hand, you
could probably pick up a decent late T85 4KQ for about the same as fixing
your 84, and then you would get the best of both worlds - you'd have a
mechanical twin for the most part, yet you'd have 1) better fuel economy from
better gearing and aerodynamics, 2) slightly updated interior and exterior -
people still don't believe that both of my cars are 16 years old..., and 3)
you wouldn't be too modern (I still curse many of the non-existant features
in my Audis that are on so many new cars.  Electronic Fuel Injection being
one of them.)  Just my opinion, do what makes you happy....

Carter J
Kwattro at
1986 4000CS Quattro (Princess)
1986 Coupe GT (The Beast!)

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